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In addition, planning, engineering, Installation and maintenance services for building automation products.. Time-lapse, part of our WebCTRL-building-automation-system is an innovative diagnostic tool that works like instant replay for your facility. Automated Logic Corporation supports small family run companies to Fortune 500 companies in trade, education, government, healthcare, industrial, important mission, hospitality and tourism, entertainment and retail. In a world where everything of importance should be measured and observed, so that it can be improved, these dashboards make it easy for the operator to know when your house is good and if it is not so. The energy, the reports function of the WebCTRL system not only meets all of these goals, but not so in the industry-leading fashion. on the provision of support for multi-location customers both nationally and internationally Automated logic helps universities reduce their energy footprint, while improving the environmental conditions in the classroom. Commercial office buildings are only one type of device, the Automated logic than its total energy solutions provider. But the fact is, Automated logic has been working for commissioning of analytics in buildings for more than 30 years. Tom describes his experience with the building automation system makes him on the side of the pessimists. For over 20 years, the global accounts group. To operate the improved facilities better, which results in higher student and faculty satisfaction, and a lower burden on the environment. Studies have linked comfort, error rates, and productivity, the sick and successful learning in the classroom. A new toolkit for dashboards the operator of the building, you can create your own custom dashboards to display key performance metrics in your building, giving them more visibility in its construction to any time. The resulting specifications are open and non-proprietary, and contain lists of sequences of operations and points. With the new energy reports tool, building owners and operators the use of their WebCTRL-building-automation-system for the secure transmission of data from a single building or a portfolio of buildings in the cloud

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The result is that facility managers can capture more information faster, allowing you to analyze past building performance, intelligent decisions in the future. In addition, all of the environmental data, both current and historical, that shows a tabular or graphical display. OpenADR is an add-on for our WebCTRL software and Automated logic is a proud member of the OpenADR Alliance TM. Our knowledge of the mission-critical environment, as well as the control of systems that you operate, enables us to improve the efficiency (PUE), while at the same time the reliability. The robust web-based building automation platform has now been optimized to trend reporting, new visualization tools, mobile support, and the Open Automated Demand Response (ADR), to manage any further assistance, building energy-saving measures, identify the most important operational problems, and analyze the results at the end. Often, financial incentives or reduced prices are offered to customers that can reduce peak demand. With our high-speed architecture, and distributed trend survey that ran all the physical parameters (e.g. And with those priorities, sustainable building technology, must adhere to both energy use, concerns, and comfort for the occupants. Fast forward to the present: Automated logic is still the world leader in energy solutions is constantly new technology that makes it easier than ever to analyze, understand, and properly manage your investment.. temperature, relative humidity, dew point, CFM, pressure) historically and securely stored. XML, eXtensible Markup Language, it is assumed that the whole of the world and provides a standard method for a BAS to communicate with another computer

Whether the system needs to be temperature-history, utility metering data, trend data, or the comfort of-building-automation-be able to intelligently and efficiently pack the information you need for the management of your assets.. It offers its solutions directly through its offices and distributors in the United States and internationally. The company also offers a number of software products such as WebCTRL System, a Web-based building automation system that controls energy-saving programs for building systems, including HVAC, lighting, fire protection, elevators, and security in a single platform; Eco-Screen Kiosk, a to. The Open Automated Demand Response (ADR) can help facilitate the reduction in peak energy consumption and the potential financial incentives in connection with this reduction. To achieve that we have developed, to check faster and easier and maintain your system performance. We are known throughout the industry for the provision of the native integral number of analytical solutions for understanding, responding to, and the historical records you need. Our building automation technology is installed in thousands of commercial buildings and facilities around the world. As a GSA contract holder of state and municipal customers can use Automated Logic to buy products directly from the factory, or a contract through your local Authorized Automated logic dealer

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