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Your video has made me understand really helped to what is important in a trading platform, and to help me lay a good Foundation. And Penny stocks are even more dangerous, and, above all, the scams? Now, it is true that penny stock are often very scammy and there are a lot of pump and dumps, and reverse splits and the shady activities of the company.. But in crypto-land we had a great trading software: I trade with Coinigy ( ) allows you to view your trading software directly on your exchange of choice. When you open a regular Cash account, then you can wait daytrade with any amount, the only downside to them, a settlement period of 3 days after every trade off to get the proceeds of that trade in your account. All the best to the trade, but you can. expend a lot of time doing very little, if not in percentage That being said, if you learn to read charts, you almost never have a bad trade, therefore, a rare opportunity, if it means, in turn, is the wrong way, you will not mind only among the small loss and jump in to the next trade without a hiccup. But Yes, I will deal with these topics in some videos, I’ll write a note now, thanks for your suggestions for topics. I’m just beginning to see in trading with cryptos and would love more of your content (I’m working on what you’ve posted). I am a real-time learning, trying, recently, in the trade with bittrex platform and I loose a few coins (I Thank God that I don’t really trade with many coins). Then you can trade directly on the charts, and make very rapid trading decision based on a number of exchanges to the right of the trading platform. I love the trade and I am looking forward to money trading earn together with everyone who wants to work with me:). I’ve tried to teach convice some people to me, in return for a % of my profit, but no one seemed interested. Learning to day trade Crypto can but winning is still a decent, if one follows trends, and is well-versed in the specificities of the coin. I can guide and support you with all the information you need to invest in this new and unpopular cryptography, and digital currencies, the waves at the moment. Often sit in my office with me during the day and look at sightings to me for the trade, ask questions and learn from real live minute-by-minute executions

  • I don’t think, use all of his strategies, but he really has the right attitude about the trade, and it grows in a relatively small account to a huge account.
  • Just to give you an FYI wanted to make that I want to be super good on some SEO keywords, you may insert an edit into your post the link to the new start, and maybe some other on-boarding type stuff to do.

If Yes, please let me know and I will start posting charts and explain what I see, and why I bought it at a certain price and why or where to sell, I plan. Lasted 2 years, and a lot of therapy to walk normally again, but I will trade every day since and feel really blessed to have this great job:) anyway, my point is, it is very possible to trade for a living, and you have a real advantage, because I had no one to show me the ropes. But I’ve been trading penny stocks successfully for over ten years, and I actually love the trade.. Personally, I use always: Complete coin analysis about the team, product, communication, transparency, consultants, and investment statistics. Everyone else reacts to buys and sells on the news or a rumor or some of the prices are or friends in a hot tip or or, who knows, could be any combination of things. I’m always very interested in the following, motivated traders who are talking about intensive knowledge of what they are.

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  1. I can tell you, its gonna take a bit of practice, but your advice has helped me a lot, the entry, thanks again! (Hopefully you post more videos in the future:)).
  2. But it was exciting:) Anyway, I rarely have a red day, because I have some systems that make every day a good one.
  3. This is one of the most important lessons for a new dealer, or maybe one of the reasons why so many traders fail.
  4. Example: I trade my day on a portfolio basis (ill make a video and sell post on this topic alone) And I a recreation, always, always.
  5. Anyone who has lost money trading with crypto either learn fast \\\”or\\\” stop trading, since it is almost impossible to lose..
  6. I rented to help a programmer to me code a strategy, but it was nothing close to what I could do on my own.
  7. Check out my blog for a guide for the best Bitcoin trading strategies in terms of timing, since there is a lot of volatility due to the hard fork.
  8. I will also give to short videos, and my screen, so that you can see what I see, and I can even go a little more in depth with the charts.

The best people to learn from are those who don’t want anything from you, because you are already successful on their own. And about the buzz: people who do not disclose how much you have or make, will make you a target.

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